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Credit where it's due

Our Telford-based business was launched to help other UK businesses manage their cashflow – including the recovery of monies owed from outstanding sales invoices.

GCCS seeks to fill a ‘gaping hole in day-to-day business life’.

Kim Kelly, Sales Director of the company which is based at St James House, said: “In my work as a bookkeeper, I could see that so many businesses were struggling because of late payment of the sales invoices they’d issued.

“By not being paid on time, the owners of businesses are having to find other means to pay their way and it just doesn’t sit comfortably with me.”

Fellow director Shai Patel, who comes from a business planning background, said: “It was clear to me that many of the businesses I helped to apply for grants and loans were unable to give a clear picture of their financial position due to monies owed from others.”
Late payment can be a major headache – particularly for small businesses which dominate the UK economy. Latest statistics from the Office of the Small Business Commissioner (OSBC) make for grim reading:

  • A third of payments to small businesses are late
  • The average value of each payment is more than £6,000
  • 20% of small businesses have run into cashflow problems due to late payments
  • If small businesses were paid on time, it could boost the UK economy by an estimated £2.5 billion a year

Kim and Shai first met through a business networking group, BNI Thomas Telford, more than five years ago. They are joined in the new venture by fellow BNI member Paul Naylor, whose background in design and marketing adds another dimension.

“I see this as a really wonderful opportunity to help businesses throughout the UK in obtaining what is rightfully theirs,” said Paul.
Ami Patel and Sherry Barnard are also directors, and the team is supported by operations manager Ruth Goss.

“We are not debt recovery in the traditional sense,” said Shai. “For us at GCCS, credit control is as much about prevention as it is cure.

“We can put processes in place to help avoid future issues, but if you do have outstanding sales invoices, we can begin the process to recover monies over an agreed time scale and fee.”

GCCS can operate in many ways.
Does your company have an existing Credit Control Department? If your business is struggling to maintain this function due to long term sickness or maternity cover, we can help.

If your business does NOT have a Credit Control Department we can operate within your business as YOUR Credit Control function. Some of our clients prefer us to be seen as part of their day-to-day function and we are happy to represent them in this capacity.

Others prefer us to act as an independent business, serving their requirements as GCCS. Either way, you are guaranteed a professional service that will help you improve your cashflow and add further peace of mind to your daily operations.

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Credit where it's due

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