Don’t Play Ostrich with Your Business Cashflow

Running a small business is an exhilarating journey filled with challenges and triumphs. However, one critical aspect that often gets overlooked is the management of cash flow and solvency. Ignoring these financial elements is akin to being like Odette here – playing ostrich and burying your head in the sand and hoping problems will disappear. […]

Credit Control as easy as 1.23

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Credit Control as easy as 1.23 The perfect address Granville Credit Control Services (GCCS) has moved into St James House on Hollinswood Road in Telford.* Three of the company directors – Kim Kelly, Shai Patel and Paul Naylor – are based at the first floor of the serviced offices – office 1.23. “We were impressed […]

Why Poor Business Credit Control Affects Cashflow (Part 1)

1. Introduction: The Importance of Cashflow in Business Cashflow serves as the lifeblood of any business, ensuring its smooth operation and financial stability. It is a vital aspect that directly impacts a company’s ability to meet its financial obligations, invest in growth opportunities, and sustain day-to-day operations. Cashflow is the movement of money in and […]

Why Poor Business Credit Control Affects Cashflow (Part 2)

5. Strategies for Improving Credit Control and Enhancing Cashflow Outsourcing to Credit Control Specialists Organisations such as Granville Credit Control Services can act as your in-house credit control function. Efficiently managing your credit control processes, from establishing policies and running automated financial processes to recovering outstanding bad debts while maintaining the positive relationships your business […]

Why Poor Business Credit Control Affects Cashflow (Part 3)

8. Conclusion: The Long-Term Benefits of Effective Credit Control In the game of business, effective credit control is like having a cheat code – it gives you a competitive edge and enhances your overall financial stability. You can boost cashflow, reduce bad debts, and ensure a healthier bottom line by implementing strategies to improve credit […]